• Vexedcoin

    A Current And Future Look At VexedCoin

    The Below List Is A Break Down Of All The Services And Fields Of Expertise We Provide And Plan To Provide - VexedCoin (VexedCoinLtd) Vexed Inc, Twittoscope Solutions Inc

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    Research And Experimental Development On Social Sciences And Humanities - Media Representation Services - Other Professional Scientific And Technical Activities n,e,c - Private Security Activities - Security Systems Service Activities - Packaging Activities - Educational Support Services - Artistic Creation - Repair Of Computers And Peripheral Equipment - Repair Of Communication Equipment - Repair Of Consumer Electronics - Activities Of Extraterritorial Organisations And Bodies - Manufacture Of Printed Labels - Printing…

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  • Hylian Warrior

    Hey there, I'm just a common wikia user, and yes, I have a huge love for vryptids and stuff, I was planning on founding the wiki but seems someone did it already so, since it seems the wiki lags pages and activity, I'd like to request admin rights, I already added a lot of info and will add lots more, I'll also try to make the place more public, and by that I mean get more users to help edit, I will also help improve the wiki's appearance and make it look neat. Whoever the founder is, you have my word u won't regret having me as admin, I won't mess around or anything, so yeah, thanks for taking the time to read my blog :3 happy editing! =D

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  • Cryptid9


    October 5, 2010 by Cryptid9

    please help us on cryptozoology for kids wiki please edit and write articles

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