180px-Загруженное (26)
Sightings since 19th century
Average Size Similar to the size of a Raccoon
Average Weight Unknown
Diet Scavenger
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (presumed)
Seen in Mount Pelier, Vermont, USA
Habitat Woodlands

The Coonigator is described as a raccoon sized animal, with a rounded torso, thick coat of grayish fur, and a face which bears a striking resemblance to an alligator. The Coonigator is renowned for their midnight intrusions on the dumpsters of campgrounds located in the rural, woodland regions surrounding Mount Pelier, Vermont.

Researchers who have taken the time to look into accounts of the Coonigator often state that the mating of a reptile like the alligator and a mammal like the raccoon is next to impossible, not to mention that an alligator would sooner eat a raccoon then mate with it should the furry nocturnal bandit ever get close enough.

The majority of these researchers feel that sightings of the Coonigator are nothing more than the misidentification of the common opossum. A large number of Coonigator sightings occur in low light situations where the witness is often startled or scared by the creature as it runs off at a high rate of speed. As a raccoon is easily identified, in this situation an opossum, with its grayish fur, strange tail and elongated snout might easily be mistaken for something it is not, something like the Coonigator.