Cryptozoology is a mysterious realm of legendary creatures, mythological beasts, and ghostly apparitions fueling the curiosity of society for thousands of years. Ancient oral traditions focused on unexplained spirits once held in high regard, revered and feared to a point of affecting the daily lives of our past relatives. These stories today even affect modern curiosities and have inspired a whole new era of monster research. Our ancestors transferred knowledge from generation to generation inadvertently influencing an array of sensationalized cryptids, and the world’s population is searching for the truth for the very discovery capable of forever altering the course of human history.[1]

The implications of discovering just one of the famed cryptid mysterious is unfathomable. For example, finding biological evidence of Bigfoot or Nessie would forever change the world's perception of life. Hence, a major reason why cryptozoloogy has gained steam within the last couple centuries; being that a discovery of such creatures entails re-writing history and names immortalized in the history books. This level of prestige is enticing and resembles that of late 1800's and early 1900's pop-up sideshows with strange amalgamated animals as a draw to earn a living. The difference between modern research and early sideshows, however, is that modern research is taking a serious scientific approach and finding out that references to these strange and mysterious creatures have existed for thousands of years spanning many cultures and hundreds of generations.

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