Giant Python is an individual snake or a separate species of reticulated python of East Asia (India; Bangladesh; Thailand; Indonesia; the Philippines.) that exceeds the accepted length of 33 feet. Length, 33–70 feet.

On May 21, 1877, the crew of the barque Georgina saw a large, grayand- yellow snake, 40–50 feet long, swimming in the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Third Officer S. Clayton, of the China Navigation Company’s Taiyuan, observed what looked to be a 70-foot, cane-colored python swimming with horizontal undulations in the Celebes Sea in the summer of 1907.

The greatest official length for a Reticulated python (Python reticulatus) was 32 feet 9.75 inches, recorded in 1912 on the north coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is the only species that regularly exceeds 20 feet in length.