Living Dinosaurs are dinosaurs that survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event. The term is used in cryptozoology.

In cryptozoology, a "living dinosaur" is any legendary or folkloric creature that resembles the dinosaurs and is therefore, presumably, a dinosaur that has survived into modern times. Alleged living dinosaurs are typically based on interpretations of regional folklore, so their existence is considered by the scientific community to be doubtful and the stuff of legend. The evidence advanced so far in support of dinosaur survival consists of interpretations of a variety of alleged eyewitness sightings, legends, physical evidence (like footprints), and works of traditional art that supposedly depict dinosaurs.

Sightings of dinosaur-like creatures have come mostly from the dense swamplands in Congo, Cameroon, and Zambia, although there are occasional reports from the dense rain-forests of the Amazon and other parts of South America.

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