Megalania prisca was a 23-foot monitor lizard, much like the Komodo Dragon, that lived in Australia in the recent past. Sightings of the creature have been reported well into the 1970's, and Australian cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy firmly believes that these creatures still survive in modern Australia.

The Sightings[]

In July 1979,Rex Gilroy investigated claims that a Megalania had recently crossed and left footprints in a plowed field. About thirty tracks were in the ground, but unfortunately Gilroy was only able to make a cast of one due to rain.

Later in 1979, Herpetologist Frank Gordon, while doing field work in the Wattagan Mountains, started the engine in his vehicle and a nearby 'log' scampered off. What he had thought was a log was actually a lizard about thirty feet in length.

According to an account of a French priest in the 1960's, Megalania may have spread to New Guinea. The priest was traveling up a river with a native guide to reach his mission, when he spotted a huge lizard lying on top of a fallen tree. The guide was frightened and continued onwards. The priest later revisited the spot and measured the tree, which was nearly the length of the lizard, to forty feet.


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