The Nandi bear is a bear-like creature that is thought to live in Northern Africa. It could be a living specimen of the Atlas Bear, a bear that went extinct as the Ice Age ended.

The Nandi Bear is an unknown large predator that is said to dwell in the Kenya region of Africa. It is described as having a sloping back, like a hyena. It is the nicknamed "Brain Eater" by locals because it eats only the brains of it's victims. Woman are sent to get firewood and are found later, always minus the tops of their skulls. It hunts by waiting on a low lying tree branch above a path. When someone walks beneath the branch it swipes the top of their skulls off and begins to eat.

What could this creature be? Several identities have been put forward:

  • An undiscovered kind of bear. This could be plausible because Africa has such a varied landscape that there should be somewhere where a bear fits in.
  • A Hyena. The sloped back of the Nandi bear is characteristic of a hyena.
  • A giant baboon.
  • A Chalicothere.
  • A Gorgonopsid, a saber-toothed synapsid that lived during the Permian era.