The Peat Ape (also known as the Bog Bigfoot, the Peat Man, or the Bog man) is a Sasquatch-like creature that has been reported across North America. It is commonly reported in boggy areas and peat bogs, or areas where peat bogs used to be.


Based off of eyewitness accounts, the Peat Ape is typically a 5 to 7 foot tall bipedal ape with arms ending with long fingernails or claws. It is said to be covered in Brownish Gray fur, occasionally with streaks of green, seemingly due to plant growth. Some reports suggest that it may have red eyes. Not many close-up sightings have been reported, so it is difficult to accurately describe the facial features. It is commonly described as carrying a bad stench, similarly to the Skunk Ape of the Southern U.S.


The Peat Ape reportedly lives in bogs or dense forests. Similarly to Sasquatch, it is peaceful unless provoked. There have been reports of the Peat Ape caring for eggs, but it seems unlikely due to the mammalian nature of it.