During the turn of the 18th century settlers,of what is now current day Glendale California, have had encounters with what is described as a 7 foot tall, humanoid reptile. These kinds of reports have been happening in and all around the Verdugo Mountains. The epicenter for these encounters have been happening around the Glendale and Burbank borderline. Reports have dated back as early as 1802. From the beginning of the 19th century reports began to die down and very few have been reported, however during the mid-20th century reports began to skyrocket. From police reports to home videos the reptilian man has began to resurface. Current day law enforcement has been blowing reports off due to a lack of evidence, causing people to believe a possible cover up. Very little is actually known about this creature due to its allusiveness. Its origin is unknown, but there are many theories explaining its existence. Speculation among locals continues to go on but for several unknown factors this creature has not been studied by outsiders. Many of the indigenous people have told legends describing a similar beast and locals believe a real investigation should be warranted due to the violent nature of the animal depicted in the tales. Carcasses of mutilated animals have been found all over the mountains with wounds that are unexplained and could not have been caused by local predators.

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