The "X monkey" is an alleged primate said to live in many forests. Since there is only one and it is said to move around a lot, it is very hard to study.


The X Monkey is said to have been created in a lab. The scientist who created it is unknown, yet many people believe it was Albert Einstein himself because he was always very uneasy when talking about it. The X monkey is about the size of an orangutan, and half its face is robotic. One of its eyes is robotic, so its eye is always glowing red. A slight fraction of Kenya has claimed to have seen it, and explorers have found a run-down lab in the middle of Kenya and they found blueprints as well as a broken tank with hair. The hair had orangutan DNA, as well as artificial DNA. The blueprints exactly matched the description of the civilians, each and every one. The name at the top of the blueprint said simply, "X". They are among us. The Impostors.

The X Monkey is dangerously intelligent, and will always face sideways when stalking his prey so that he looks like a normal orangutan. The only way to tell that it is in fact the X Monkey is to get a view of the robotic side of it's face.